• SEC07 37 degree flare saver prior to assembly and installation
    How much torque is enough? Step 1 - Seco Seal 37 degree conical seal placed on fitting, ready for assembly



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Welcome to Seco Seals

A world leader in specialty manufacturing of high pressure tube fitting gaskets including our industry standard SECO7 product line. Seco Seals, an ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certified gasket manufacturer, puts an end to leaks in most environments affordably and dependably.

Installation Demonstration Video

Our installation video demonstrates how easy it is to correctly install our SECO7 37 Degree Flare Tube Gasket product line Click here to view a video in languages other than English.

SECO7 Kits

We provide pre-assembled kits with a wide assortment of our SECO7 37 Degree Flare Tube Gaskets along with kits customized to your needs. Click here to watch a video with more information about these kits.  Videos are available in multiple languages

Seco Seals – the 100% Solution

Seco Seals has expanded our new website to quickly cover every need.

For the designer, we provide links to the engineering drawings for our industry standard SECO7 37 Degree Flared Tube Fitting Seals along with our innovative SECO40 37 Degree Boss design:

  • Drawings are available in seven different digital engineering formats:
  • Download these drawings then drag and drop them into your engineering system;
  • We can also assist you with selecting a gasket sealing solution for your new or existing project.

The repair expert can:

For anyone looking for a better solution, Seco Seals has expanded its capabilities for “build to print” thin metal sealing solutions for extreme pressure, corrosion and temperature applications:

  • Our products are made of the highest quality metal foils between .002” and .015”;
  • Our product quality and customer service are essential in helping make our customers products reliable;
  • Download the PDF(s) for the SECO7 Information Sheets;
  • Download the PDF for our actual size SECO7 Sizing Chart.

As a national aerospace standard AS3282, installed per AS683 Rev E, Seco Seals products are designed to be reliable, flight grade components. Make Seco Seals your choice for flared tube fitting gasket applications.

Click here to learn more about Seco Seals and our history.

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