• Examples of various sizes of SECO7 37-degree Copper Flared Gaskets

Cross Reference A-A-59935 to SECO7

Seco Seals is listed as an approved vendor for Conical Seal, Crush, 37 Degree Flared Tube Fitting, for Federal Stock Class4730 in the Defense Logistics Agency DLA Land and Maritime Mil Specs for the A-A-59935. Our CAGE (Commercial and Government Entity) Code is 33447 and the ECCN (Export Control Classification Number) is 9A991.d.

The online document, A-A-59935 CID “CONICAL SEAL, CRUSH, 37 DEGREE FLARED TUBE FITTING GENERAL REQUIREMENTS FOR” is available as a download link from DLA. The “Base Document” date is 02-Oct-2013, and was last validated on 06-Jul-2018. The next review date for the document is 05-Jul-2023.

The following table cross references the Commercial Item Description(s) (CID) defined in A-A-59935/1 (SECO7A – Aluminum), A-A-59935/2 (SECO7C – Copper), A-A-59935/3 (SECO7N – Nickel), and A-A-59935/4 (SECO7S – Stainless Steel) to the SECO7 product line. It lists the UPC (Universal Product Code) and the EAN (formerly European Article Number now referred to as International Article Number) codes for the A-A-59935 products.

Click on the DLA Source in the table below to download the “COMMERCIAL ITEM DESCRIPTION SPECIFICATION SHEET” for each of the listed materials.

Click on a material in the table below for the cross reference from the DLA A-A-59935 part number to the SECO7 part number.

DLA SourceMaterialSECO LineSilver PlatingTin PlatingCAGE Code
A-A-59935/4Stainless SteelSECO7SSECO7SSSECO7ST33447
Defense Logistics Agency DLA Land and Maritime Mil Specs for the A-A-59935

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