• SEC07 37 degree flare saver prior to assembly and installation
    SECO7 37 degree conical seal on a fitting prior to assembly and installation


About Us

Since 1969, Seco Seals has been the standard for 37 degree flared tube fitting seals for every application. Some of the industries that rely on our products to solve their sealing issues are aerospace, petroleum and racing to name a few. Seco Seals continues to bring innovation to fluid connections with reliability and affordability.

In 1969, Jim Scott Sr. (instrumental in the development of the conical seal in the 1950’s) founded Seco Seals to fill the need for conical seals for 37 degree flared tube fittings. Since then, Seco Seals continues to grow and provides new solutions to the age old problem of leaks. Our goal has always been to prevent leaks in any environment. From race cars to aerospace, Seco Seals has developed solutions that became the industry standard.

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