• SEC07 37 degree flare saver prior to assembly and installation
    How much torque is enough? Step 1 - Seco Seal 37 degree conical seal placed on fitting, ready for assembly



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Solutions For Your Gasket Needs

Seco Seals may be able to provide you a superior gasket solution. For your existing projects, we can review your existing gasket solution and provide recommendations for a solution that is not only longer lasting but more efficient in place of the materials you are currently using.

If you are having ongoing leak issues, please fill out our “Request for Assistance” form and one of our design engineers will get in touch with to discuss possible sealing solutions.

For new projects, we can help you reach an optimal solution before you go into production. Contact us along with your full requirements and we’ll provide you with recommendations that will improve the overall quality of your finished product.

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