• SEC07 37 degree flare saver prior to assembly and installation
    How much torque is enough? Step 1 - Seco Seal 37 degree conical seal placed on fitting, ready for assembly



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Seco Seals Service List

Our service offerings are listed below. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and requirements.

LOX Cleaning

Many applications require cleaning for oxygen service or for use in a clean room environment. Seco Seals’ Gaskets can be cleaned to your cleaning specification: i.e., MS1246-100, Mil-1330D, MSFC164

Custom Gaskets

Seco Seals can manufacture specialty metal gaskets to your specification. Send us your print or drawing idea for a fast quote.

Engineering Drawings

Seco Seals can provide you SECO7 engineering drawings in the following formats for Aluminum, Copper, Nickel and Stainless Steel gaskets:

  1. AutoCAD;
  2. DXF;
  3. IGES;
  4. PDF;
  5. SolidWorks;
  6. STEP.

RFID & Specialty Packaging

Seco Seals can package the gaskets to your specifications, including Barcoding and RFID Tags.

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