• SEC07 37 degree flare saver prior to assembly and installation
    How much torque is enough? Step 1 - Seco Seal 37 degree conical seal placed on fitting, ready for assembly

SECO7 Engineering Drawings


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SECO7 Web Selection

SECO7 37 degree engineering drawings are available for download from our website in the following formats.

  1. SolidWorks (SLDPRT & SLDDRW);
  2. PDF File;
  3. Step Files;
  4. AutoCAD Files;
  5. Iges Files;
  6. DXF Files.

Please click on one of the below links to select drawings for 37 degree conical seals, crush washers, or flared gaskets manufactured with:

  1. Aluminum – Part Number(s): SECO7A2 through SECO7AT48;
  2. Copper – Part Number(s): SECO7C2 through SECO7CT48;
  3. Nickel – Part Number(s): SECO7N2 through SECO7NT48;
  4. Stainless Steel  – Part Number(s): SECO7S2 through SECO7ST48.

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